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Let us inspire you with some images of projects where we have supplied our LED strip lights. LED tape is a versatile product that can be used in many different ways from subtle lighting in coves to more flamboyant uses making it a feature of a space.  

Projects with Lucerna Lighting Installed


A kitchen is a multi functional space which requires both dedicated task lighting as well as visual comfort and a definite wow factor, this could be in the form of a beautiful pendant, views to the garden beyond or a well-lit piece of art. Ensure plenty of flexibility and layers of light. You will be spending a good chunk of your budget on you rkitchen it is critical to get the lighting right, decorative elements can be added at a later date but you must get the wiring installed and designed well in the first place, this is not a place to skimp.

Bathrooms should be both a sanctuary as well as a highly task orientated space. There is lots to get right here, allow plenty of time with your lighting and ideally mark up your elevations with all the small details to ensure correct alignments, symmetry between fittings tiles and taps etc Remember no detail is to small. Our design consultation team can ensure all elements have been carefully thought through and the lighting suitably acommodated and designed to maximise the space.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with starting your lighting scheme, then take it one step at a time starting with the one must have. This could be task lighting, a beautiful pendant or wall lights, a gallery of well-lit art then build your layers of light from there considering task, decorative, ambient and focal points. Book an hours consultation with the team to get you on your way or to overlook what you have achieved so far.

DSC_2195 - Version 2.jpg

If you are lucky enough to have a pool then it deserves your attention, the lighting can make or break this space. Think fabulous - you wont regret it. There is nothing we love more than lighting pools, the ripples and reflections of the water, the private sanctuary, the fun, the uniqueness of every space - let us help you create light your dream.

Gardens provide the ultimate retreat, ensure that it can be viewed from the house just as you would want to view a piece of art. Allow flexibility with circuits so that t does not all need to be on at once. With several Chelsea Medals under our belt we would love to help you light your garden.

Give your clothes and objects space to breathe, light them and bring them to life. Ensure your lighting is carefully detailed at the outset so the supplies are all in the right place. We work closely with many joinery companies and would be delighted to assist you further.

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