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Rinia LED Tape 

 The Lucerna Range of Rinia LED and Profiles suits a wide range of applications from shadow gaps and coffers to wall grazing and linear details. The recently released Mini Rinia range has proven very popular particularly in joinery and architectural details due to its tiny size, high output, superb colour rendering and range of compatible profiles. 


Lightbout.iQ offers a range of Linear LED products to suit every project. Ranging from off the shelf reels  to custom encapsulated LED's for wet locations. Our service includes cutting lengths and profiles to order with pre connected tails for ease of onsite installation. 

Currently our most popular range due to their tiny size, range of colour temperatures and in stock availability. Our team will cut to your exact measurements and mount in a profile ensuring the LED's remain protected and that soldering is kept off site.

The Rinia range of aluminium profiles protect the tape from the environment, work as a heatsink for optimum LED performance, as well as controlling and diffusing the light output. The aluminium is double anodised and the acrylic PMMA cover is supplied in frosted as standard. Popular with our commercial clients are the custom RAL finishes. The profiles come in two meter lengths as standard, are usually in stock for next day delivery and can be cut to size as required.

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