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At Lucerna Lighting our main customers are lighting designers and architects and so we are often asked to create custom products. If you have a special requirement or you cannot find a particular LED tape on the market we can usually help by specifying and manufacturing to meet our clients demanding needs.  

Custom products often materialise either because a client wants something truly bespoke or what a designer is looking for is not available on the market.

We work closely with designers to ensure the initial concept is feasible and achievable and most importantly within budget. Custom products in small numbers are often prohibitively expensive.​

Samples and Mock-Ups

To ensure a designer can clearly visualise the end result samples are mocked up so the scale and detailing can be checked with either the client or technical requirements of site.​


A prototype will be created - this is used both for aesthetic and technical testing.

Testing Testing Testing

As members of the Lighting Industry Association all products are carefully scrutinised and testing to meet the country's standards in which they are being sent.​


We work closely with a huge range of manufacturers world wide to source or make the appropriate components. 

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